In Fossil Fighters: Frontier a new way of getting unlockable content was added to the series. Rather than having to download extra data from various distributions, printable AR Cards (Augmented Reality Cards) are available online for players to scan and bring certain Vivosaurs to life as well as unlock special Bone Buggies to drive around the game with. The original 9 AR Cards were released when the website went online, while Pyro Yutie and Master Maw were released on May 20, 2015.

AR Cards are separated by region and so scanning in a Japanese AR Card using an American copy of the game will not unlock any content. You can find all of the currently available AR Cards below.

American European Japanese
Hydro Yutie
Ar-card hydroyutie Hydroyutieeurope Ar card01 img
Aero Yutie
Ar-card aeroyutie Aeroyutieeurope Ar card02 img
Geo Yutie
Ar-card geoyutie Geoyutieeurope Ar card03 img
Pyro Yutie
Ar-card pyroyutie Pyroyutieeurope Ar card04 img
Ar-card tyrannosaurus Tyrannosauruseurope Ar card05 img
Ar-card sauroposeidon Sauroposeidoneurope Ar card06 img
Ar-card triceratops Triceratopseurope Ar card07 img
Ar-card zinodius Zinodiouseurope Ar card08 img
Ar-card gorgostroika Gorgostroikaeurope Ar card09 img
Master Maw
Ar-card master-maw
Master Maw
Master Maw
Ar card10 img
Master Maw
Ar-card ev-405517 EV405517europe Ar card11 img


  • The American English Zinodious card has a typo. It say Zinodius instead of Zinodious.