The Attack Zone (or AZ), shown by the red hexagonal spaces.

The Attack Zone, commonly referred to as the AZ, is the front position in a Fossil Battle, represented by a red hexagonal tile in Fossil Fighters. Allies and enemies in the SZ (Support Zone) contribute percent changes to the AZ Vivosaur's stats, called Support Effects. The AZ Vivosaur's Attack and Defense are at their normal level in the AZ, whereas in the SZ, Attack is halved and Defense is doubled, except for Long-Range Class Vivosaurs. Special Skills such as Poison, Excite, and Scare can only be applied to Vivosaurs in the AZ.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, the AZ positions are the front three. Support Effects still apply to them but depending on how many depends on if the team is in the Cambrian Formation (SZ oriented) or the Jurassic Formation (AZ oriented). The AZ no longer is the main position of attack, instead range is what matters, so certain Vivosaurs can fire away comfortably from anywhere on the field. However, Close-Range Vivosaurs have similar guidelines to the Vivosaurs of the original game.

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