A Challenger Approaches is a side quest available in Fossil Fighters: Champions. The side quest can only be accomplished after defeating Zongazonga for the first time. To complete the quest, the player must defeat all of his/her past friends and enemies in Fossil Battles. This includes:

1. Todd (Fossil Cannon)

2. Lola (Ribular Town)

3. Pauleen (Hare Club)

4. Lester (Cranial City Fossil Guild)

5. Prof. Scatterly (Caliosteo Museum) (Note: You do not battle Scatterly, but instead you battle Zongazonga in a flashback)

6. Cole (Ilium Village)

7. Rupert (Ilium Village)

8. Princess Pooch (Ilium Village Fossil Guild)

9. Robinson (Bonehemoth)

After beating the above characters, the player must go back to Cranial, and talk to Joe Wildwest in his suite. He will challenge the player to a Fossil Battle. If the player beats Joe Wildwest, the challenge will be completed.

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