An Andrarch, one of the few Vivosaurs to have the Link ability.

Abilities are special powers that are found in throughout Vivosaurs. They help the Vivosaur in battle and are found on specific Vivosaurs.

Abilities introduced in Fossil Fighters

  • FP Plus- Allows more Fossil Power to be gathered during a Fossil Charge. The amount of FP will differ depending on Fighter Level.
  • Auto Counter- When a Vivosaur with Auto Counter gets hit, the attacking Vivosaur will receive damage depending on how much damage they have dealt to the defending Vivosaur. (It should be noted that Chelon is the only Vivosaur that cannot be affected by Auto Counter.)
  • Auto LP Recovery- The Vivosaur with this ability will be able to recover some of its LP. This Ability is most commonly found in Sauropods and will work in any zone in the battlefield, including the EZ.
  • Parting Blow- When the Vivosaur has low LP, it will gain an extra power boost (1.5X) and defending Vivosaurs will receive more damage.
  • Link- Link is an ability in which the Vivosaur will attack randomly after its ally has commenced its attack. It will use the skill that consumes the lowest FP. This is the only way a Vivosaur in your SZ can attack the opponent's SZ in Fossil Fighters. Interestingly enough, Link never appears as a blue-bar ability in Fossil Fighters: Champions.
  • Vivosaur Compatibility- Exclusive to certain Unlockables, this ability ensures that the team the Vivosaur on is compatible. This ability was removed in Champions.

Abilities introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions

  • FP Absorb- When a Vivosaur with this ability is attacked, it will absorb some FP.
  • Solo Power- The attack of the Vivosaur is doubled as long as it's the only one remaining in battle. This ability activates when all other Vivosaurs on a Fighter's team are defeated, or, when there are no other Vivosaurs present. 
  • Sleepy- The Vivosaur enters battle afflicted with golden sleep for one turn.
  • Harden Plus- The Vivosaur comes into battle with Harden applied for one turn.
  • Counter Plus- The Vivosaur comes into battle with Counter already equipped. It lasts for two turns.
  • Quicken Plus- The Vivosaur comes into battle with Quicken applied for one turn.
  • Enflame Plus S- The Vivosaur enters with Super Enflame applied. Only Tonzilla has this ability.
  • Position Lock- Prevents opponent from swapping your team.
  • Resurrect- Three turns after the Vivosaur is defeated, it will reappear if its allies are still present. Only Z-Rex has this ability.
  • Berserker- When the Vivosaur's LP drops to or below half its current maximum, it becomes disobedient. Unique to Hopter.

Abilities introduced in Fossil Fighters Frontier

  • Fearsome Roar - When vivisaur gets low on health, every other vivisaur (including ones on the same team) gets either confused or dizzy.
  • Ally Stats Up - Along with ally stats down, replaces support effects.
  • Ally Stats Down - Along with ally stats up, replaces support effects.
  • Speedster - Chance of vivisaur being able to attack twice.
  • Sacrifice - When vivisaur is defeated, transfers its LP to teammates

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