Accuracy is a type of stat that determines the chance of an attack hitting a particular target. A Vivosaur is more likely to miss if its Accuracy is reduced and/or if the evasion of the enemy is increased. The accuracy stat is denoted by a cross-hair symbol. In Frontier, accuracy is assigned to the moves instead of the vivosaurs. Vivosaurs now have a Critical stat instead to replace it.

Attack 2 Attack
Defense 2 Defense
Accuracy 2 Accuracy
Evasion 2 Speed


  • Centro and Zino have the lowest Accuracy of all the Vivosaurs, a mere 6. This is for balance purposes, as they always score critical hits (or at least Centro does. Zino just has a high Critical count). However, with the right team this disadvantage can be nullified.
  • Mihu has the highest Accuracy of all Vivosaurs, with 60.