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is one of the five Vivosaur elements and one of the most common, tied with Water for first. In Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions, Air-type Vivosaurs are strong against Water-types, and weak against Earth-types. In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, Air-type Vivosaurs are strong against Earth-types, and weak against Fire-types. Fossil Rocks of this type can be found at about any dig site with the exception of: Knotwood Forest, Mt. Lavaflow, and Parchment Desert in FF and Mount Krakanak, and Dusty Dunes in FFC. The two first Vivosaurs you obtain in FF are the Air-types Spinax and Shanshan, also the first two Vivosaurs found in the game. These are the only type of fossils found in the trial dig site and the most common at Greenhorn Plains. In FFC, Aeros is the Air-type starter that can be chosen as your first Vivosaur. If another starter is picked, the next Air-type Vivosaur you can obtain is Pacro at Treasure Lake. Ptera and Stego are Air-type donation point Vivosaurs in FF while Spinax, interestingly, is the Air-type donation point Vivosaur in FFC. The Air symbol is represented by streaks of a green gas spiraling around.

List of Air Vivosaurs

Attack Class

  • Tarbo mini medal Tarbo
  •  V-Raptor mini medal V-Raptor
  •  Cerato mini medal Cerato
  •  Raptin Medal FFC Raptin

Defense Class

  •  Kentro mini medal Kentro
  •  Nodo mini medal Nodo
  •  Goyle mini medal Goyle

All-Around Class

  •  Shanshan mini medal Shanshan
  •  Metria mini medal Metria
  •  Spinax mini medal Spinax
  •  Stego mini medal Stego
  •  Igua mini medal Igua
  •  Paraloph mini medal Paraloph
  •  Styraco mini medal Styraco
  •  Megath mini medal Megath

Long-Range Class

  •  Goyo mini medal Goyo
  •  Ptera mini medal Ptera
  •  Coatlus mini medal Coatlus

Support Class

  •  M-Raptor mini medal M-Raptor
  •  Coelo mini medal Coelo
  •  Cheirus mini medal Cheirus
  •  Hypsi mini medal Hypsi
  •  Elasmoth mini medal Elasmoth


  •  Shanshan Medal 2 Shanshan (unofficially in Champions)

Champions (no specified class)

  •  Aeros Medal FFC Aeros
  •  Epidex Medal FFC Epidex
  •  Camara Medal FFC Camara
  •  Pacro Medal FFC Pacro
  •  Chasmo Medal FFC Chasmo
  •  Nycto Medal FFC Nycto
  •  Edapho Medal FFC Edapho
  •  Parium Medal FFC Parium
  •  Ceros Medal FFC Ceros
  •  Anomalo Medal FFC Anomalo
  •  Radox Medal FFC Radox
  •  B-Lambeo Medal FFC B-Lambeo
  •  B-Ptera Medal FFC B-Ptera
  •  Salada Medal FFC Salada

Super Evolvers

  •  Giga Spinax Medal FFC Giga Spinax
  •  V-Ripper Medal FFC V-Ripper
  •  Barbaros Medal FFC Barbaros
  •  Hibigon Medal FFC Hibigon
  •  Teffla Medal FFC Teffla
  •  Blitzigon Medal FFC Blitzigon
  •  Geneos Medal FFC Geneos
  •  Nycto Ace Medal FFC Nycto Ace