All-Around is a Vivosaur class that consists of well-balanced Vivosaurs. They usually have average battle stats and are easier to raise than other Vivosaurs. An example of an All-Around Vivosaur is Spinax; it has decent Attack, average LP, and gives support to an Attack Zone vivosaur. In addition, it's equipped with Auto Counter and its attacks don't use much FP.

List of All-Around Vivosaurs

# Image Vivosaur Element
009 Shanshan mini medal Shanshan Air Air Medal
010 Allo mini medal Allo Neutral Neutral Medal
011 Metria mini medal Metria Air Air Medal
012 Megalo mini medal Megalo Neutral Neutral Medal
013 Venator mini medal Venator Earth Earth Medal
014 S-Raptor mini medal S-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
016 Cryo mini medal Cryo Water Water Medal
018 Acro mini medal Acro Earth Earth Medal
019 F-Raptor mini medal F-Raptor Earth Earth Medal
020 Spinax mini medal Spinax Air Air Medal
024 Delta mini medal Delta Water Water Medal
025 Tro mini medal Tro Neutral Neutral Medal
026 Nychus mini medal Nychus Fire Fire Medal
028 U-Raptor mini medal U-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
030 Breme mini medal Breme Fire Fire Medal
033 Dilopho mini medal Dilopho Water Water Medal
051 Stego mini medal Stego Air Air Medal
063 Igua mini medal Igua Air Air Medal
064 Ourano mini medal Ourano Earth Earth Medal
068 Paraloph mini medal Paraloph Air Air Medal
073 Tricera mini medal Tricera Water Water Medal
074 Styraco mini medal Styraco Air Air Medal
075 Eino mini medal Einio Fire Fire Medal
076 Centro mini medal Centro Earth Earth Medal
077 Penta mini medal Penta Neutral Neutral Medal
078 Pachrino mini medal Pachrino Earth Earth Medal
079 Mihu mini medal Mihu Neutral Neutral Medal
094 Andrarch mini medal Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
095 Paki mini medal Paki Water Water Medal
096 Smilo mini medal Smilo Fire Fire Medal
098 Tryma mini medal Tryma Earth Earth Medal
099 Megath mini medal Megath Air Air Medal
102 Duna mini medal Duna Water Water Medal

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