Ally Stats Down
Ally Stats Down FFF
Two Vivosaurs with Ally Stats Down, indicated by the purple radial circles

Ability Effect:

Stat reduction


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Ally Stats Down (味方のうりょくダウン Ally Stats Down) is an Ability that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It lowers the Attack, Defense and Speed of a Vivosaur's allies by 6.25% as long as the Vivosaur possessing it remains in battle. The effects of Ally Stats Down stack, so a Vivosaur with two allies possessing Ally Stats Down will have its stats lowered by 12.5%. Ally Stats Down functions similarly to negative Support Effects in the DS games. A related Ability is Ally Stats Up, which instead boosts the stats of allies.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

# Image Vivosaur Element
004 T-Rex Sue Select T-Rex Sue Fire Fire Medal
006 Tarbo Select Tarbo Air Air Medal
016 Spino Select Spino Water Water Medal
031 Alxas Select Alxas Fire Fire Medal
075 Pyro Yutie Select Pyro Yutie Fire Fire Medal