Ally Stats Up
Ally Stats Up FFF
Four Vivosaurs with Ally Stats Up, indicated by the orange radial circles

Ability Effect:

Stat boost


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Ally Stats Up (味方のうりょくアップ Ally Stats Up) is an Ability that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It boosts the AttackDefense and Speed of a Vivosaur's allies by 12.5% of their original values as long as the Vivosaur possessing it remains in battle. The effects of Ally Stats Up stack, so a Vivosaur with two allies possessing this ability will have its stats boosted by 25%. Ally Stats Up functions similarly to positive Support Effects in the DS games. A related Ability is Ally Stats Down, which instead lowers the stats of allies.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

# Image Vivosaur Element
010 Allo PT Select Allo PT Earth Earth Medal
012 Cerato TZ Select Cerato TZ Air Air Medal
017 Spino ST Select Spino ST Neutral Neutral Medal
021 V-Raptor Select V-Raptor Air Air Medal
022 U-Raptor Select U-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
026 Cryo Select Cryo Water Water Medal
046 Igua US Select Igua US Fire Fire Medal
050 Paraloph Select Paraloph Air Air Medal
062 Sinocera Select Sinocera Fire Fire Medal
065 Ajka Select Ajka Water Water Medal