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Ancient World is a Dig Site unlockable in the postgame of Fossil Fighters: Frontier, though it is visited once during the main story. It is located in Fossil Park Asia. The Hero travels back in time to reach the Dig Site. It is a lush late Cretaceous-era plain full of plant and animal life. Several massive stratovolcanoes spew volcanic gases and jets of magma in the distance. Ancient World is home to small populations of three species of Cretaceous dinosaurs. The area does not feature any Challenge Routes or Service Stations. The Hero is granted postgame access to Ancient World after you complete Elric's super paleo pal quest.

Story Significance

After finding enough Cosmonium to open a time gate, Professor Little sends the player into the past to find Dr. Blackraven, but warns them that they have a limited amount of time to find him. They player eventually does find him, as well as Kowloon and Olga. Behind them is a device that controls dinosaurs, and they use it to force three dinosaurs to battle the Hero. After the battle, Nibbles destroys the device before any more dinosaurs can be controlled. The destruction of this device causes Dr. Blackraven, Kowloon, and Olga to flee to the present, and after they escape, VR-00M warns them that the time gate is about to close. The hero drives back to it as fast as they can, only to realize that the gate is almost closed. They're not able to drive into it since some boulders fell onto their Bone Buggy while they were driving, so Nibbles evolves and crashes into their Bone Buggy, causing it to fly and allowing them to return to the present. This event results in Nibbles being left behind.


  • Aged Reach
  • Bygone Spring
  • Colossal Nest
  • Majestic Mountain
  • Primordial Forest
  • Spiral Cliffs
  • Timeworn Plains


# Rank Vivosaur Element Location
080 27 Tyrannosaurus Neutral Neutral Medal Aged Reach
081 24 Sauroposeidon Neutral Neutral Medal Around H8, Bygone Spring, Timeworn Plains
082 24 Triceratops Neutral Neutral Medal Around I6, Aged Reach, Colossal Nest, Majestic Mountain, Spiral Cliffs, Timeworn Plains


Ancient World contains fossils of every Element, except Water.

Normal Fossils

# Vivosaur Head Skill Normal Head Body Skill Normal Body Arm Skill Normal Arm Leg Skill Normal Leg
009 Big Allo G6 G6 G6 G6
010 Allo PT L10/M10 L10/M10 M10 L10
011 Cerato H7 H7 H7 H7
024 Dilopho G11 J11/J12 G11 J11/J12
035 Brachio K13 K13 K13 K13
036 Brachio TZ I11 I11 I11 I11
057 Goyle G8 H9 G7 G7
074 Dimetro G10 G10 G10 E11, G10

For each fossil, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the fossil is located. For Vivosaurs whose fossils have slashed coordinates, the fossil in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.


Jewel Coordinates Price Range (50 - 100 pts)
Diamond E11 12,000 G - 24,000 G

For each jewel, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the jewel is located. For jewels with slashed coordinates, the jewel in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: 太古の世界 Ancient World
  • French: Ancien monde
  • German:
  • Spanish: Mundo primigenio
  • Italian:
  • Korean: 태고의 세계 Ancient World


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