Andy is a character in Fossil Fighters, though it is possible to beat the game without talking to him. He is the little boy near the water in the Guild Area. He seems to like a lot of Large sized Vivosaurs and he will tell you about some of them. Favorites of his include Spinax, T-Rex, and Tricera.


"Hey. I'm Andy. I'm really into Large Vivosaurs. What kind do you like? Come around if you ever want to know about big, humongous vivosaurs."

"...Today, the sea seems...peaceful. Oh, hi there! Did you com by to talk about large vivosaurs? There's this one vivosaur, Igua? He's a Large size and has a ton of LP! Anyway, with enough time, he'll learn to counter enemy blows! Sends some fury back at 'em!"

"You know, today's my birthday. I'll get cake, presents...the whole works. What I REALLY want, though, are Large-size vivosaurs! But I'm not a Fossil Fighter yet, so I can't gave any. Stinks, huh? Hey, do you know what Stego looks like? It's a Large-size vivosaur with spikes on its back. Did you know those spikes are actually used to regulate its body temperature? Of course, being points, they also help Stego with its Auto Counter ability!"

"Did you already revive a Tricera? He's a Large-size vivosaur with three horns. And support effects to boost ally attack power by 40%! Sweet, sweet Tricera ..."

"Sounds like you've had a lot going on! If you're ever in trouble, remember--Large vivosaurs! Take Maia , for example... That is one vivosaur that will always have your back. Maia's got TONS ofrecovery skills. All sorts. Not many others can say that."

"I would seriously recommend using Daspleto if you have him. That is one sweet vivosaur! I doubt you have him, though--he's really rare. But, man, his defensive stats are rock solid!"

"Mmmm. That sea breeze feels so nice! What I wouldn't give to be a seagull and soar in the wind. Speaking of soaring in the wind, Ptera is a vivosaur that can fly. Flying helps him not only avoid counterblows but also attack from the SZ with no penalty. He's a good vivosaur to have on your team, believe me!"

"Hey, hey! Guess what! I saw him! T-Rex! At Fossil Stadium! He's my favorite vivosaur by FAR! He's number one in attack power and number one in AWESOME! He's so awesome, in fact, that his regular attack damages all enemies! The tricky thing with T-Rex, though, is that you need to keep him out of the SZ. He scares his teammates."

"Whoooooa, buddy. There's a ton of BB Bandits outside! This is not good. Not good. Do not want."


  • When the BB Bandits take over the island, Andy references the meme Do not want.

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