A T-Rex with a Silver Body applied performing Tyrant's Roar. T-Rex has the highest attack stat of any Vivosaur.

Attack is one of the five stats that a Vivosaur uses in battle. This stat determines how much damage a Vivosaur deals in combat. Attack, along with most other stats, is subject to change due to Support Effects. Enflame and Super Enflame can also be applied to Vivosaurs to give their attack a boost for a single turn. Charge can also be applied to certain Vivosaurs to sharply raise their attack for a single turn. However, Charge can only be aplied to Vivosaurs that know the skill, like Payback. Attack-type Vivosaurs (Fossil Fighters exclusively) have the highest Attack stats on average.

Attack 2 Attack
Defense 2 Defense
Accuracy 2 Accuracy
Evasion 2 Speed