Attack-Class is a classification in Fossil Fighters. Vivosaurs in this class are powerhouses, and generally come equipped with a high Attack stat. They tend to have their other stats comparatively low, and more expensive skills to compensate for the increased power output. Most carry Support Effects that decrease the AZ ally's stats. T-Rex is a prime example of this class, having the highest natural Attack stat possible, though in exchange, rather low Evasion and skills within the 200-300 FP range.


# Image Vivosaur Element
001 T-Rex mini medal T-Rex Fire Fire Medal
002 Daspleto mini medal Daspleto Earth Earth Medal
003 Tarbo mini medal Tarbo Air Air Medal
004 Gorgo mini medal Gorgo Earth Earth Medal
005 Alio mini medal Alio Water Water Medal
006 Siamo mini medal Siamo Fire Fire Medal
007 Alectro mini medal Alectro Water Water Medal
015 Giganto mini medal Giganto Fire Fire Medal
017 Carchar mini medal Carchar Earth Earth Medal
021 Neo mini medal Neo Neutral Neutral Medal
029 V-Raptor mini medal V-Raptor Air Air Medal
034 Spino mini medal Spino Water Water Medal
035 Angato mini medal Angato Water Water Medal
036 Sucho mini medal Sucho Water Water Medal
037 Onyx mini medal Onyx Water Water Medal
038 Cerato mini medal Cerato Air Air Medal
039 Carno mini medal Carno Earth Earth Medal
043 Zino mini medal Zino Fire Fire Medal
053 Jiango mini medal Jiango Water Water Medal
065 Lambeo mini medal Lambeo Fire Fire Medal
101 Dinomaton mini medal Dinomaton Neutral Neutral Medal
103 Raptin mini medal Raptin Air Air Medal
104 Dynal mini medal Dynal Neutral Neutral Medal
106 Igno mini medal Igno Legendary Legend Medal
113 Guhvorn mini medal Guhvorn Legendary Legend Medal

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