Attendants are NPCs that work for the Fossil Center. They are easily identifiable by their invariably light blue clothes. One asks for the Hero to clean fossil rocks for him and will reward him with Dark Fossil Rocks containing Dropping Fossils, and a Head Fossil. This can be done a total of three times. Several of them stand guard to places such as the Underground Warehouse, the Pay-to-Dig area in Greenhorn Plains, and the deeper sections of Knotwood Forest. The latter being promoted to Area Guide for the dig site, making him the only known Area Guide to not have a specific name. Medal-Dealer Joe disguised himself as an Attendant to steal Dino Medals from unsuspecting rookie fighters early in the story. Two other NPCs looks exactly like Attendants: Pat the sleepy guy in the Park Area, and Chris the Area Guide for Greenhorn Plains (although Chris may in fact be an Attendant with a name).


  • The two Attendants that guard the Pay-to-Dig sites look like recolored Guards and officers. As the sites are said to be under McJunker's possession, this strongly suggests they work for the junk man. However, they still wear light blue.
  • "Attendant" is the longest name of any Area Guide.