Auto LP Recovery
( )

Ability Effect:

LP recovery


Fossil Fighters
Fossil Fighters: Champions
Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Auto LP Recovery ( ) is an Ability that was first intoduced in Fossil Fighters. The Vivosaurs that possess it recover a fraction (1/20th) of their maximum LP per turn in a Fossil Battle. For example, a MAX Rank Seismo who has 700 LP would recover 35 LP each turn. The only exception to this rule is the Legendary Vivosaur Igno, who recovers all lost LP until defeating Bullwort's Frigi. After that point, this ability is lost for the remainder of the game, along with Igno, who cannot be reclaimed until after the completion of the main story.

Auto LP Recovery returns in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. Vivosaurs with the ability recover roughly 1/5th of their maximum LP per turn.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

Fossil Fighters

# Image Vivosaur Element
048 Seismo mini medal Seismo Earth Earth Medal
097 Mammoth mini medal Mammoth Water Water Medal
106 Igno mini medal Igno (temporarily) Legendary Legend Medal

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
048 Seismo Medal FFC Seismo Earth Earth Medal
097 Mammoth Medal FFC Mammoth Water Water Medal
112 Camara Medal FFC Camara Air Air Medal

Fossil Fighters: Frontier

# Image Vivosaur Element
009 Big Allo Select Big Allo Neutral Neutral Medal
018 Angato Select Angato Water Water Medal
034 Goyo Select Goyo Air Air Medal
036 Brachio TZ Select Brachio TZ Earth Earth Medal
038 Diplo Select Diplo Earth Earth Medal
041 Titano AR Select Titano AR Neutral Neutral Medal
047 Oloro Select Oloro Water Water Medal