This article refers to the Dig Site in Fossil Fighters. For the location in Fossil Fighters: Champions, see BB Brigade Base.

BB Base

ヌスッ島 Nusu Island

BB Base
The entrance to the BB Base


Off the northwest coast of Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

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The BB Base (Japanese: ヌスッ島 Nusu Island) is the sixth dig site in Fossil Fighters, located on a small island northwest of Vivosaur Island. The Hero first goes there, using a hijacked submarine, once he learns Rosie was kidnapped. It is said to have Vivosaurs known only to the BB Bandits. After becoming a Level Six Fossil Fighter, the the player can freely access the island by talking to Beth.


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
002 Daspleto Medal Daspleto Earth Earth Medal
024 Delta mini medal Delta Water Water Medal
032 Coelo mini medal Coelo Air Air Medal
033 Dilopho mini medal Dilopho Water Water Medal
045 Salto mini medal Salto Earth Earth Medal
054 Kentro mini medal Kentro Air Air Medal
058 Saichan mini medal Saichan* Fire Fire Medal
060 Pelto mini medal Pelto Earth Earth Medal
074 Styraco mini medal Styraco Air Air Medal


At the beginning of Chapter 5, the Hero hears from Captain Bullwort that Rosie has been kidnapped, with the tacky idols demanded as ransom. Bring the idols to the Park Area , where a BB submarine appears. Defeating the BB Soldier will make him run off, leaving the submarine unguarded. Pressing the autopilot button sends the ship to the BB Base. The Hero proceeds to climb a series of staircases (five in all), fighting numerous BBs and B.B. Bandit Trio along the way. Upon reaching the top floor, Bullwort stands waiting next to a gagged Rosie and a glass of sweet, artificial grape juice. This is when he spills his secret: he is the criminal mastermind behind the BB Bandits, BB Boss Bartholomew Bullwort. After beating his three Sauropods (Salto, Shuno, and Amargo) some officers arrive, and haul him off to the jail. After defeating the final boss, you can battle the BB Trio again in Bullwort's chamber to get the Legendary Vivosaur, Frigi.


  • The battle scene for the Digadigamid is the same as the BB Base.
  • Between beating Bullwort and taking your Level 6 Level-Up Battles, you can return to the BB Base by taking the Bandit's boat which is still at the Park Area dock.
  • Though the BB Base is home to fossils supposedly only known to the BBs, Delta and Saichan fossils can both be found in other Dig Sites, and the player can already access those Dig Sites by the time the BB Base is unlocked.

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