BareBones Brigade Base

ホネホネだんアジト BoneBone Gang Hideout

BB Brigade Base


Bonechip Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

The BareBones Brigade Base (ホネホネだんアジト BoneBone Gang Hideout) is the location of the enemy team in Fossil Fighters: Champions (not to be confused with the BB Base from the original Fossil Fighters).

The Base itself is built into the face of a rock shelf on the southeastern section of Bonechip Island.

Story Significance

The Hero first ventures here after thwarting the BB Brigade at the Seabed Cavern. Here the player fights Lola and Lester before finally battling Don Boneyard, the head honcho of the BareBones Brigade.  

In the postgame, the BareBones Brigade Base is the location of The Champions Tournament.


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
025 Tro Medal FFC Tro Neutral Neutral Medal
039 Carno Medal FFC Carno Earth Earth Medal
095 Paki Medal FFC Paki Water Water Medal
106 Archaeo Medal FFC Archaeo* Water Water Medal