On the left, a team in the Jurassic formation. On the right, a team in the Cambrian formation.

Battle formations were introduced in Fossil Fighters, however, in said game there was only one formation. Fossil Fighters: Champions introduced a new formation- the Jurassic Formation. 

Cambrian Formation

The Cambrian Formation is a formation that exists in both Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions. The only difference between the current Cambrian Formation and the first one, is that there is no longer an Escape Zone (EZ). In Cambrian Formation, there are two Vivosaurs in Support Zone (SZ) and one in Attack Zone (AZ). This allows the player to use one Vivosaur to apply positive support effects to its AZ and the other to apply negative support effects to the enemy's AZ.

Jurassic Formation

The Jurassic Formation is a new formation introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions. This formation allows the player to put two Vivosaurs in AZ and one in SZ. This one may be found useful to a player who desires to use multiple powerful Close-Range Vivosaurs, such as T-Rex and Giganto. This formation can 

Jurassic Rotation

A team rotates into the Jurassic Formation.

also prevent an AZ Vivosaur like Spino from hindering allies with negative support effects. For example, a player could have T-Rex and Spino fight alongside each other without the worry of hindering one another with negative support effects. A recommendation of a Vivosaur with good Attack support is made for placing a Vivosaur in the SZ. For example, Guan can be placed safely in SZ with the benefit of giving 45% Attack support (90 halved) to Spino and T-Rex, making them extremely dangerous.


  • Jurassic and Cambrian Formation are actually reversals of each other, in that the two AZ's of Jurassic formation are actually reflections of the two SZs of Cambrian formation.

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