岩クジラ Rock Whale

The Heroine entering the site


Accessible from Ilium Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

The Bonehemoth (岩クジラ Rock Whale) is the seventh Dig Site in Fossil Fighters Champions.


The Bonehemoth is a giant, whale-like creature that resides within the oceanic waters surrounding Icegrip Plateau. After swallowing the Hero at Icegrip Plateau, the Hero meets Robinson,his green rock/ball companion Balliver, and Lord Tonzilla (the whale's tonsil) here.

This is the only Dig Site with the shopkeeper and KL-33N when it is first visited.

It is also the only Dig Site, excluding Pay-To-Dig sites, where fighters will not pop out of the ground and challenge the player.

The Seabed Cavern "dig site" is accessed from here at a certain point in the game. However, once that area's objective ( defeating Cole and restoring the Spinal Pillar with the calcium extracted from the Sardinisaurus fossil rock) is completed, one can never, ever, EVER return.

Vivosaurs Found In This Dig Site

# Image Vivosaur Element
026 Nychus Medal FFC Nychus Fire Fire Medal
088 Plesio Medal FFC Plesio Water Water Medal
100 Chelon Medal FFC Chelon Water Water Medal
119 Oloro Medal FFC Oloro Water Water Medal
121 Chasmo Medal FFC Chasmo Air Air Medal
141 Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth Fire Fire Medal
142 Dunkle Medal FFC Dunkle Earth Earth Medal
145 Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry Neutral Neutral Medal



  • Tonzilla can be spoken to here. Its emotions are different every time it is visited.
  • Supposedly, there is a transporter somewhere inside of the beast. It is never seen, but it allows the player to return to the inside of the whale.
  • The whale enjoys eating ice. It may also enjoy eating an assortment of ships, corals, and the occassional fossil (though those may all be attached to the ice).
  • The Bonehemoth likely can live for over hundreds of centuries, which explains the fossils, as the vivosaurs died before being digested.
  • This is the only digsite that is not unlocked by winning a round in the Caliesto Cup.
  • It is the only living Dig Site .