Boneysaurs are skeletal versions of certain Vivosaurs that (with the exception of the bonus Boneysaur Salada) have very low LP and defense. Most also have extremely beneficial status boosts for their allies, ranging from +40% to a single stat to +99% to multiple stats! They can only be obtained post-game by beating the commanders of the BB Brigade. Also, most boneysaurs, except for Salada, have Scare skills. Not very many people besides the BB Brigade own Boneysaurs. The player is introduced to them in Mount Krakanak.

Joe Wildwest says that he found the Boneysaurs at the Stone Pyramid and gave them to the BareBones Brigade to fight back his own body, stolen by the nefarious skull of ZongaZonga. These strange vivosaurs, along with the Zombiesaurs, were apparently the creatures revived by ZongaZonga hundreds of years ago used to fight in the original cups held to determine the majestic vessel.

List of all known Boneysaurs

  • B-Rex Medal FFC
  • B-Brachio Medal FFC
  • B-Lambeo Medal FFC
  • B-Ptera Medal FFC
  • B-Plesio Medal FFC
  • B-Tricera Medal FFC
  • B-Jara Medal FFC
  • Salada Medal FFC-Only through bonus data


  • It is interesting to note that while all Zombiesaurs (except Zongazonga) boast Poison Skills, Boneysaurs cannot be Poisoned, and while every Boneysaur (except Salada) can use a Scare Skill, Zombiesaurs are immune to being Scared.
  • There are no Earth Type Boneysaurs.
  • Boneysaurs all boast high stats. Life Points, on the other hand, leave something to be desired.
  • Signature Boneysaurs, (B-Jara,B-Tricera and B-Plesio) have specially colored bones. B-Jara is Green, B-Tricera is Red and B-Plesio is Blue. However, despite B-Ptera being unique to Don Boneyard, it is the same color as normal Boneysaurs.
  • Salada is a boneysaur, but can only be currently obtained through bonus content.