Bonus Data How-To
After selecting Multiplayer on the Fossil Fighters: Champions starting screen, the player has the option to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and access Bonus Data. The following Vivosaurs can be obtained from Bonus Data. As of May 20, 2014, all Bonus Data Vivosaurs and Quests are no longer available, due to the closure of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection[1].

Igno - A Legendary Vivosaur released as the inagural Bonus Data Vivosaur. Obtained directly on the Fossil Lawn.

Frigi - The second Bonus Data Vivosaur released on December 25, 2011. Like Igno, it is also obtained on the Fossil Lawn.

Dinomaton Duna, Raptin, and Dynal - These Vivosaurs can only be obtained post-game. The "Dragon" Message received on the Fossil Lawn will alert the player to the presence of the Dinaurians, after which the player must battle them to recieve these Vivosaurs. Released on January 1, 2012.

Salada- A secret Boneysaur that can only be obtained post-game. The "Bone" Message will unlock an initial sidequest for the player to undertake, however, the specific quest that allows the player to obtain Salada can only be completed after the credits have rolled. Released on January 16, 2012.


  • The "Mystery" Element in the Fossil Fighters: Champions Website's Fossil Museum contains all the Bonus Data Vivosaurs, despite them belonging to different elemental groups. There are many "empty" spaces left, though it is unknown what purpose these spaces will serve.
  • There are no Fire or Earth Vivosaurs released through Bonus Data.
  • Upon inspecting the "Mystery Vivosaurs" page of the official site, inspecting the HTML of the page will reveal that the site contains information pertinent to Duna in particular, mentioning her "Length", "Favorite Food", and "To Obtain", similar to Igno and Frigi. However, none of this information appears on the page itself.


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