Bottomsup Bay

ソコナシ海てい Bottomless Seabed

Bottomsup Bay
The entrance to Bottomsup Bay


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Bottomsup Bay (Japanese: ソコナシ海てい Bottomless Seabed) is a Dig Site well guarded by schools of ferocious Denture Sharks. This area is said to hide a pirate ship sunken long ago. Only Level 4 and up Fighters are allowed access to this Dig Site. Its Area Guide is Nancy. It mainly contains the fossils of Water-Element vivosaurs.


An asterisk (*) indicates a vivosaur that is rare.

Main Site

# Image Vivosaur Element
024 Delta mini medal Delta* Water Water Medal
085 Krona mini medal Krona Water Water Medal
087 Elasmo mini medal Elasmo Water Water Medal
088 Plesio mini medal Plesio Water Water Medal
089 Shoni mini medal Shoni Water Water Medal

Pirate Ship

# Image Vivosaur Element
027 M-Raptor mini medal M-Raptor Air Air Medal
037 Onyx mini medal Onyx Water Water Medal
048 Seismo mini medal Seismo* Earth Earth Medal
053 Jiango mini medal Jiango Water Water Medal
086 Futabi mini medal Futabi Water Water Medal


Bottomsup Bay is where the third Tacky Idol is found. The player must make their way past the Denture Sharks and search each sinkhole until he/she finds a sunken pirate ship. The player has to enter and work his/her way through the wreckage until he/she makes it to Captain Woolbeard's quarters. He asks the player to find his beard ribbon, which the player must ask Mr. Richmond about. Mr. Richmond says that his friend Nick Nack, who lives in the Hotel, has it. Nick Nack says he will give the player the ribbon if he/she acquires three other objects in exchange:

1. The first, a molted bug shell, is in Knotwood Forest. However, before the player can get to the Digadigs, Rex must be fought. The chieftain has the player do the hip-shaker dance to free a bug from its shell, allowing the player to claim it for Nick Nack.

2. The next item is a Sandal Fossil, in the junk area of Greenhorn Plains. Snivels is fought there. Then Duna appears and hands the player the sandal.

3. The final item is a set of dentures from a Denture Shark. Avoid the sharks, and enter the obvious cave. A shark abandons his teeth, and the player must receive a Smashing Success cleaning in order to clean off the gunk.

After acquiring these three objects, the player must head back to give them to Nick Nack.  However, Vivian is blocking the elevator in the Hotel and must be defeated. Nick Nack rewards you with the beard ribbon, and you head back to Woolbeard's ship. The BBs are already there, giving him a fake ribbon, causing him to become extremely angry. With no way of calming him down, he must be defeated in a Fossil Battle. He rewards the player with the third Tacky Idol, which is what the BBs wanted.