Bryce is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is located in Cranial Isle, right infront of the Caliosteo Museum. He is a teenager that has a deep appreciation of the Museum and Nigel Scatterly.


"This museum is full of crazy things to see! For instance, it has bone tablets that describe the history of these very islands."

"This museum contains the world's largest dropping fossil! Isn't that interesting?"

"The museum just got a new fossil! Someone dug it up and turned it in to the professor! Apparently it's a fossilized sandal. Which only raises more questions than it answers. I mean, who wore it? Where did they come from? Where's the other one?"

"This museum contains a set of false teeth that never need to be cleaned! Apparently they were designed by some guys named the Mole Brothers."

"Somewhere in this museum there's a drill that never chips your fossil! Oh, and it doesn't make dust, either! I wonder if the professor needs an assistant. I would so love to work here."

"Someone just told me about wondrous fossil rocks that draw out hidden powers from vivosaurs. Naturally, I ran to the museum to see if they were on display!"

"This museum has the full set of Calio Sablets collected by the cup champion!" 


  • The lines about the Mole Brothers and the fossilized sandal are references to Fossil Fighters.

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