Captain Bullwort
Japanese: BBボス/トリシマール


Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Chief Police/ BB Bandit Leader
Affiliation: BB Bandits
Signature Vivosaur: Frigi mini medal Frigi

Captain Bullwort is the chief police officer in Vivosaur Town. He is a tall, broad, and strong man with facial hair.

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He is the leader of The BB Bandits and one of several primary antagonists in Fossil Fighters.

He steals Frigisaurus from the Digadig Chieftain and attempts to utilize its power to try to rule the world. The hero must use Ignosaurus to fight back because the great heat if the Burning Tyrannosaurid cancels out the intense cold of frozen Sauropod. Bullwort uses Salto, Amargo, and Shuno in battle, but Frigi replaces Amargo in the final battle. Bullwort tried to collect the "tacky Idols", but the hero ends up getting them instead. He was getting paid 10,000,000,000 G by the Dinaurians to collect all 4 of them, a payment he most likely never received.


Chapter 5 - BB Base -

Fire Medal Amargo

Earth Medal Salto Fire Medal Shuno
Amargo Battle FF Salto Battle FF Shuno Battle FF

Rank 1 Rank 6

LP 1 200

Attack 1 25

Defense 1 12

Accuracy 1 43

Evasion 1 18

Rank 1 Rank 5

LP 1 202

Attack 1 21

Defense 1 11

Accuracy 1 42

Evasion 1 7

Rank 1 Rank 4

LP 1 182

Attack 1 20

Defense 1 7

Accuracy 1 41

Evasion 1 7


  • In the battle with Frigisaurus before you get Ignosaurus, Bullwort has 180 FP recharge despite the fact that he is only Level 6.
  • Bullwort seems to be fond of Sauropods, using them whenever he can, including the legendary Frigisaurus.
  • The only way to hurt Bullwort's Frigisaurus is to have a Vivosaur with Auto counter 
    • However, even if you manage to get Frigi's LP to 1, you still cannot beat him until you get Igno.