A Buster Point is a helpful gameplay mechanic that is utilized when cleaning a Fossil Rock. Buster Points are difficult to find. One can break off a large section of the Fossil Rock by tapping Buster
Buster Points FFC

Buster Points located on an Earth Element fossil rock

Points, in rapid succession, with the hammer. How much rock is smashed and where the points are located depends on the size and shape of the rock. If you're lucky, the Fossil Rock might break off enough to get 100% smashing success.


Some Fossil Rocks have the same Buster Point with the others with the same shape, so remembering the Buster Point is important in game.

Buster Points are relatively easy to pull off - all you need to do is hit the circles immediatly after they
Buster point ty

A Buster Point is burst on the skull of a tyrannosaurid.

appear 2 or three times in a row.

Busterprobes are items bought for 5000 gold each, and they help by locating the starting point of Buster Point. Without these, there is no logical way of locating Buster Points, though the trick to finding them is by hitting the thinnest point with the Hammer. There are no Buster Points in Curious or Giant Fossil Rocks.

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