The Caliosteo Cup is a tournament held by Joe Wildwest in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It is held on three islands: Ribular Island, Cranial Isle, and Illium Island.

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The cup's true purpose is to choose a new "Majestic Vessel" which is the person that Zongazonga will take over the body of. Joe Wildwest, once you win it, is revealed to actually be Zongazonga and Don Boneyard to be the real Joe Wildwest.

List of rounds

1st: Todd, with a 

2nd: Rockin' Billy, with a...

3rd: Nell with a rank

4th: Lucinda with a team comprised of all Camaras

5th: Princess Pooch with

Semifinals: Pauleen with 

Finals: Rupert with a

  • Rank  11 Mapo Medal FFC Mapo (With silver head fossil), 

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