Calieosteo Museum
Calieosteo Museum
Outside view of the Museum


Cranial Isle


Fossil Fighters: Champions

The Caliosteo Museum is a building in Fossil Fighters: Champions located in Cranial City. The Museum is run by Nigel Scatterly and contains the 4 Caliosteo Slablets. This is the building the Hero and Joe Wildwest come to see Scatterly to find more information about Zongazonga. In the aftergame, Scatterly is found here, and talking to him will let you battle Zongazonga again. (Both Zongazonga battles, not the last one.)


  • The Museum contains a fossil of a tree, bedecked in tinsel and holly.
  • The Museum also contains Nigel's favorite items. 
  • A dropping fossil can be found in the Museum. 


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