Raja Charge!
Raja using Charge!

Move Effect:

Stat Buff


50 FP

Charge! is a move that increases the power of the next attack of the Vivosaur by a certain percentage.
It is a Positive Status Effect, similar to that of Enflame, Harden, Counter, and Quicken. However, It does not have a "Super" version. Also, Charge can only be used on a Vivosaur that learns it. There is no Water-type Vivosaur with this ability. 

List of Vivosaurs that can Learn Charge!

  • Raja Medal FFC Raja 
  • Anan Medal FFC Anan
  • Dimetro Medal FFC  Dimetro 
  • Desmo Medal FFC Desmo

Boneysaurs that can Learn Charge!

  • Salada Medal FFC Salada 

Super Evolvers that can Learn Charge!

  • Giga Raja Medal FFC Giga Raja 
  • Lugmos Medal FFC Lugmos 

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