Chelsea is a NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions located infront of the Illium Village Fighter Station. She is a young
girl who likes to make snowmen. She wears a pink shirt, orange overalls, and pink/red boots. 


"Snowmen never melt around here. I can still visit snowmen I built last year!"

"I like how there are snowmen on both sides of the enterance. They're like guards or something."

"This is a big snowman, huh? It's even taller than me if you count the pail.....I wanna be that tall someday."

"How come snowmen don't have arms?"

"We should put hands on this snowman. Everyone needs hands. Maybe we could give him huge hands so he looks all strong."

"This snowman needs a face, huh? I think I'll give him a big smile!"

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