Chris is the Area Guide stationed in Greenhorn Plains. His appearance is identical to that of a generic male Fossil Center employee. Like all other Area Guides, he provides helpful information regarding Vivosaurs indigenous to the area and the dig site itself. 


"Shanshan and V-Raptor fossils are the most common in this area. They're both small in size, but big in attack capability. I hope you find a few." - Chris telling the player about Shanshan and V-Raptor

"Spinax fossils are found pretty often in this area. As far as Greenhorn Plains vivosaurs go, Spinax is really powerful. He'd make a good team leader." -Chris telling the player about Spinax

"Goyle fossils are pretty common around these parts. Goyle has great defense stats and support effects. He's a great 'protector' sort of vivosaur." -Chris telling the player about Goyle