Coldfeet Glacier

コゴエル氷山 Frozen Iceberg

Coldfeet Glacier
The entrance to Coldfeet Glacier


Off the northeast coast of Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Coldfeet Glacier  (Japanese: コゴエル氷山 Frozen Iceberg) is a Dig Site located off the coast of Vivosaur Island in Fossil Fighters. It is covered in an icy tundra accompanied by extremely low temperatures. Some may even say it is completely made of ice, as the name would suggest. The player can only access this Dig Site once he/she beats the main storyline. This Dig Site has a terrain similar to what many believe the Ice Age would have been like, perhaps being one of the reasons why so many Water-type mammal Vivosaurs are found here.

This Dig Site is also a home to a mysterious snowman-like creature, named Oonga Oonga. After meeting him for the first time at the glacier, the player must talk to Mr. Richmond and snowberries will be buyable in the Fossil Guild. The player must Oonga Oonga the snowberries when found again. He will gladly accept them before fleeing as he did before. Then the player must go and talk to Mr. Richmond again to recieve the Oonga Oonga mask. If the player finds Oonga Oonga when you're wearing the mask, he will dance vigorously and gives the player a random red-boned fossil  of a Vivosaur found in the area from him.


# Image Vivosaur Element
003 Tarbo mini medal Tarbo Air Air Medal
016 Cryo mini medal Cryo Water Water Medal
034 Spino mini medal Spino Water Water Medal
036 Sucho mini medal Sucho Water Water Medal
049 Apato mini medal Apato Neutral Neutral Medal
057 Ankylo mini medal Ankylo Water Water Medal
084 Guera mini medal Guera Neutral Neutral Medal
091 Brontoth mini medal Brontoth Water Water Medal
095 Paki mini medal Paki Water Water Medal
097 Mammoth mini medal Mammoth Water Water Medal