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Anato has Discord, a skill with a 100% confuse rate.

Confusion is a status infliction that causes target Vivosaurs to do things of its own will while the player has no command over it. It is useful in stratagies that involve the enemy's Vivosaur to not do as planned. Possible outcomes when a Vivosaur is confused is that they use any skill they have (includes attacks and support skills), and going to the escape zone. They will always switch out for the Vivosaur on the top support zone. If the Vivosaur doesn't switch out, then the confusion will wear out in two turns.

There are two types of confusion. The first, and more common, is Standard Confusion. Standard Confusion  is indicated by a swirl with a red background. The other type is Super Confusion, indicated by a gold background and lasting two turns instead of one.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, when a vivosaur is hit with a Super Confuse attack, the Vivosaur can actually attack its teammates and itself.

Vivosaurs that can inflict Standard Confusion

  • Delta Medal FFC  Delta
  • Stego Medal FFC Stego
  • Kentro Medal FFC Kentro
  • Nodo Medal FFC Nodo
  • Ankylo Medal FFC Ankylo
  • Saichan Medal FFC Saichan
  • Goyle Medal FFC Goyle
  • Hypsi Medal FFC Hypsi
  • Igua Medal FFC Igua
  • Ourano Medal FFC Oruano
  • Paraloph Medal FFC Paraloph
  • Megath Medal FFC Megath
  • Hopter Medal FFC Hopter
  • Metri Medal FFC Metri
  • Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth
  • Parapu Medal FFC Parapu
  • Papygon Medal FFC Papygon
  • Duna Medal FFC Duna

Vivosaurs that can inflict Super Confusion

  • Sopteryx Medal FFC Sopteryx
  • Kentro Medal FFC Kentro
  • Nodo Medal FFC Nodo 
  • Goyle Medal FFC Goyle
  • Hypsi Medal FFC Hypsi
  • Anato Medal FFC Anato
  • Megath Medal FFC Megath
  • Papygon Medal FFC Papygon 


  • If Gold Confuse causes a Vivosaur to use an FP-stealing skill on an ally and it succeeds, the game will remove the usual amount of FP before putting it right back. [1]

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