Connie is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions located in southern Cranial City. She wears a red dress with a pink




"The middle path goes to Mt. Krakanak. There's a big suspension bridge and scary streams of lava. It makes me all shiver-shiver!"

"The path to the left goes to Rainbow Canyon. They say it's a beautiful place with cliffs of many colors. That makes me all bubbly-bubbly!"

"They opened up Hot Spring Heights over near Ilium Village. It's a winter wonderland surrounded by pure-white snow. I think it's all dreamy-dreamy."

"You can now get to Icegrip Plateau from Ilium Village. It's so cold, people freeze in place while they're digging! That makes me all chilly-chilly."

"I heard they decided to open up Dusty Dunes. It's got sand and rocks and nothing but sun, sun, sun. That makes me all burny-burny."

"A boney Ptera just came swooping out of the sky and attacked the Fighter Station. It made me all scaredy-scaredy!"

"A guy named Zongazonga pretended to be Joe Wildwest so he could take over the world! That makes me all huh?"

"I've decided to express myself differently in celebration of our new tournament. This decision makes me happy-happy."

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