Delta Counter
Delta using Payback

Move Effect:

Damage Retaliation



Counter, also known as Payback (ダメージ返し! Damage Return!), is a Status effect that lasts for two turns, and gives the Vivosaur a chance to deal damage that would have been done to it by an attack back at the attacking Vivosaur. It can be applied by the moves Payback, Enchanting Aura, and Karmic Aura, as well as by the Ability Counter Plus. Counter's usefulness has been dramatically increased from Fossil Fighters to Fossil Fighters: Champions. In Fossil Fighters, all Vivosaurs with Payback, called Counter Blow at the time, applied, with the exception of Squik, Squirk, Squirth, Squilk, and Squiro, have a 40% Counter rate, while Karmic Aura gave a 50% Counter rate to Squik, Squirk, Squirth, Squilk, and Squiro. In Fossil Fighters: Champions, the chance of a successful Counter has risen from 40% to 70%, and from 50% to 100%. It should be noted that non contact attacks, such as Tyrant's Roar, Toxic Ruin and Cyclone, are unable to be countered, despite the 100% Counter rate Karmic Aura now grants.

Vivosaurs who can use Payback

Delta Igua Hibigon Ourano Paraloph Mihu Megath Oloro Nippono
Delta Battle Igua Battle Hibigon Battle Ourano Battle Paraloph Battle Mihu Battle Megath Battle Oloro Battle Nippono Battle

Ourano Igua Hibigon Paraloph Megath Delta Oloro Mihu Nippono
Ourano Battle Igua Battle Hibigon Battle Paraloph Battle Megath Battle Delta Battle Oloro Battle Mihu Battle Nippono Battle

Vivosaurs who can use Enchanting Aura:

Duna Battle

Vivosaurs who can use Karmic Aura

Squik Squirk Squirth Squilk Squiro
Squik Battle Squirk Battle Squirth Battle Squilk Battle Squiro Battle

Squirk Squirth Squiro Squilk Squik
Squirk Battle Squirth Battle Squiro Battle Squilk Battle Squik Battle

Vivosaurs who have Counter Plus

Desmo Radox
Desmo Battle Radox Battle


  • The only Vivosaurs known to have a full arsenal of Counter-Proof skills are Chelon and Guera.
  • Despite having Counter Plus, Desmo and Radox don't have Payback.
  • There are no regular Fire-type Vivosaurs that can use Payback.
    • Including unlockable Vivosaurs and Vivosaurs with Counter Plus, Squirk and Desmo are the only Fire-type Vivosaurs that can have Payback applied.

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