Curious Cleaning is a sidequest available for Fossil Fighters: Champions. The player must first obtain a Hare Mask, then go to The Hare Club in Cranial City (Note: After you get into the club, you will no longer need to wear the mask to clean Fossil Rocks). The player will be presented with Fossil Rock after Fossil Rock, and each rock must be cleaned. After the player cleans 80 rocks, they will be presented with the Legendary Chicken Squirth.

Note: This quest is rather lengthy, so it is advised that the player clean a certain number every time he or she plays the game. Also, since there is no additional reward for cleaning at higher point values, it is suggested the player just uses the start button to quit cleaning after they exceed 80 points to save a little bit of time (it adds up, say they shave off 10 seconds each cleaning by quitting early, with 100 cleanings until they finish the quest, saving them about 1000 total seconds). Also players can also look for Buster Points, which can fulfill the requirement with only three~two hits, thus saving an average of 80~70 seconds depending on the time taken to find and break the rock.

Rewards from this sidequest:


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