Curious fossil cleaning

A curious Fossil Rock containing the fossil of an ammonite being cleaned.

A Curious Fossil Rock is a fossil rock that has to be cleaned on both sides. Vivosaur fossils found in these rocks are usually ammonites or other small prehistoric sea creatures. These fossil rocks have only appeared in Fossil Fighters: Champions thus far.

There are no Buster Points in curious fossil rocks. To facilitate and/or expeciating the cleaning process, the player may upgrade their tools, team up with a friend, or simply use Time Pluses to comfortably extend the clock.

Occasionally, players can obtain dropping fossils by cleaning curious fossil rocks.

Vivosaurs found in Curious Fossil Rocks

  • Parapu Medal FFC
  • Desmo Medal FFC
  • Gaudry Medal FFC
  • Anomalo Medal FFC
  • Radox Medal FFC
  • Terata Medal FFC
  • Dikelo Medal FFC

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