Daniel is the Area Guide to Secret Island. His appearance is that of a run-of-the-mill male fighter. Like all Area Guides, he provides valuable insight regarding the indigenous Vivosaurs. He has a high level of enthusiasm that Herb lacks.


“There are a ton of fossils here with crazy powers! Like Sopteryx and Breme…”

“With Sopteryx in the SZ, your AZ ally will get a 90% Evasion boost! He might not get hit at all!”

“And Breme? He has the necessary skills to steal both LP AND FP from the enemy target. Boo-yah!”

“Practically all of the fossils here are for vivosaurs with weirdo capabilities! Like O-Raptor…”

“He’s got the power to actually steal enemy FP, letting you totally take control of battle!”

"And with Super Quicken, you can dodge and fight, dodge and fight, dodge and fight, GO!”

“If you’re looking for vivosaurs with crazy powers, you’re in the right place! Like Maia and Anato…”

“Maia is totally rare and totally awesome and can totally help with healing skills!”

“And you can never go wrong with Anato’s Confuse skill that lands 100% of the time. 100%! That’s always!"

“Fossils from here are WAY more likely to make super-cool vivosaurs! Like Proto and Hoplo…”

“Not only does Proto have good support effects, he can also transform into Tricera!”

“And Hoplo… WOW! Awesome support effects and FP Plus, not to mention impressive speed!”

“There are a ton of fossils here with Vivosaurs with special capabilities. Like Cheirus…”

“Cheirus has support effects that can drop enemy Evasion to nearly zero. Tell me THAT’s not useful!”

“With him on your team, even allies that can’t hit the broadside of a brontosaurus can land blows!”

“It seems like ALL the vivosaurs you can dig up here are crazy powerful! Like Seismo…”

“Seismo has HUGE LP AND Auto LP Recovery! No pushin’ him around!”

“This guy is a MOUNTAIN, and any skills he performs? Mountainlike power! Monumentally awesome!”