Danny is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is located in central Ribular Town. He is involved in the Age of the Aquarium sidequests, where he gives you a Parapu. He wears a light blue hat, shirt, and a blue shorts. He overuses the word "awesome."


"The Fossil Fighter tournament is starting soon! It's gonna be AWESOME!"

"This fountain is AWESOME! The water spins around and around!"

"I just went to the Jungle Labyrinth! It had trees, and bushes, and plants, and it was AWESOME!"

"Have you seen Wildwest Tower? It's tall, and big, and shiny, and pointy, and fun, and AWESOME!"

"Have you been to Mt. Krakanak? It's got lava, and smoke, and trolls, and angry bears, and it's AWESOME!"

"There's a humungo giant fish tank in the lobby of Illium Village's Fighter Station! If you get too close, they jump out and eat you right there and it's AWESOME!"

"Have you been to Icegrip Plateau? It's got ice, and icebergs, and ice cubes, and shaved ice, and ice cream, and it's AWESOME!"

"Have you seen the Bonehemoth?! You can dig for fossils inside it! It's AAAAAAWESOOOME!"

"I saw the final! There were vivosaurs, and fighting, and battles, and two people who were all "Pchew! Pchew!" And guess what? I thought it was AWESOME!"

"Joe Wildwest was totally fake, and was just pretending and being all 'Hey, I'm Joe Wildwest!' ...It was not awesome at all."

"The champion actually gave the fossil park back to Joe and everything! That was... It was so... Oh, what's the word I'm looking for?!"

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