Dennis is a male character featured within Fossil Fighters, though it is possible to beat the game without talking to him. He can be found walking around the Park Area, and gladly informs the Hero about small Vivosaurs. Additionally, in the end cutscenes, he is one of the two people in the Park Area who thinks Duna is absolutely adorable; however, this only occurs if you pick Rosie.


"Welcome to Vivosaur Island! As an offician representative, my job is to greet you and make you feel at home. Representative for who, you ask? Why Mr. Richmond, of course! Oh, but you're new, so you wouldn't know. Mr. Richmond is extremely wealthy. I think he actually owns this whole island..."

"I loves me the Small vivosaurs. Compso, I'm tellin' you. Amazing support effects. Lemme tell you, Compso can grind enemy Attack and Defense straight into the gutter. Darn tootin'!"

"Now, those Small vivosaurs, Hypsi and Nasaur? They have got some serious recovery skills! Can't make a team without one of them two, you want my opinion."

"Hey, you gettin' together some o' the good Small vivosaurs? Plesio's a good pick. He's little, but he's got a long neck. Helps ya know. Here's a tip--you can find Plesio fossils in Bottomsup Bay. Poisonous and cute as a button. What more could any man ask?"

"I imagine you're catchin' on to the appeal of Small vivosaurs by now. ain't ya? But don't you get the wrong idea now. Ya can't be gettin by with little ones alone! It's really about good teams. You know, matchin' up your Small vivosaurs with the right bigger 'uns. Gotta keep thinkin' 'bout good combinations. It's all about those combinations!"

"Sounds like Richmonds's granddaughter got herself into quite a pickle. I wonder who went and got her out? Wild stuff, though, ain't it? Hey, speakin' of wild stuff, I just heard some wild information about a rare Small vivosaur... Compso. Dang, but that's one sweet little vivosaur! Y'can only get him by trading in donation points. He'll mess up the enemy's Atttack AND Defense but good! Better start savin' up your donation points so you can get a Compso too!"

"Tell me, uh...d'ya like my flowery shirt? Hot diggity, but I love this shirt! And since I'm in a good mood here's a tip... Goyle has the highest defensive stat of any Small vivosaur. And to top it off, he's got himself an Attack-boosting support effect!"

"Howdy! You look tired, boy. I'll bet you could use a nap right about now. Hey, speaking of naps...let me tell you about Lexo. He's sorta like a small stegosaurus, but Stego ain't so cute as him. Lexo is one of the few vivosaurs with a sleep skill, perfect for when the enemy needs a little...nap."

"Darn nice day today, ain't it? Probably be a heck of a day for a picnic. I've never actually been on a picnic, but somethin' tells me it'd be mighty delicious, ya know? Oh, hey... Been meanin' to mention some Small vivosaurs for you-- Aopteryx and Proto. Good 'uns. They have Transformation skills, which let 'em temporarily change themselves into a stronger form. Well, I think it's time for me to transform into picnic-having mode!"

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