Di66-R is a new test robot Rupert's father, the FossilDig CEO, asked him to do a field test with. Shortly after meeting it, Di66-R malfunctions and attacks Rupert, stealing his Dino Medals in the process. The Hero must chase down Di66-R at Rupert's request, as he is worried about the reputation of FossilDig, his father's company, being tarnished.


Mt. Krakanak - Cranial Island: You'll fight Di66-R towards the summit of the mountain. Its team consists of all Neutral-Element Vivosaurs, which is unusual, considering they are Rupert's.

Neutral Medal Brachio

Neutral Medal Krypto Neutral Medal Tophis
Brachio Battle Krypto Battle Tophis Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 146

Attack 2 20

Defense 2 6

Accuracy 2 36

Evasion 2 7

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 86

Attack 2 26

Defense 2 8

Accuracy 2 41

Evasion 2 12

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 106

Attack 2 25

Defense 2 9

Accuracy 2 32

Evasion 2 10


  • Di66-R quotes memes such as "I AM ERROR" and "A WINNER IS YOU".

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