Diana is an NPC in Fossil Fighters that is found in the Fossil Center. She gives the Hero many tips about the game, and often whines about her misplaced wallet. She has brown hair and wears a green hat, shirt, and socks, and also has brown shorts.


"You need something? I'm busy with my Fighter registration. Oh, you're new too? In that case, you should get yourself processed right away. As fellow new Fighters, I guess we'll be running into each other and being rivals and stuff, huh? I'll look forward to our first Fossil Battle. May the best Fighter win!"

"Boy-howdy, have I got a tip for you! You know how sometimes you have extra fossil rocks you don't need? Did you know you can sell those puppies at the store? Need quick cash? Just sell off some rocks! The only problem is that the shop isn't open yet! And my case is all full of rocks to sell!"

"Boy-howdy. You come for cleaning? You know the shop's open now, right? They got ways to upgrade your sonar, your tools...even get you more space in your fossil case! You can sell  fossil rocks too. What a relief to get these heavy ol' things outta my inventory!"

"Huh. I think there's something wrong with my vivosaur--he can only use two skills! I saw someone else use the same vivosaur, and theirs had FOUR skills! What's the secret?!"

"Dang it... Where did it go? (Get a grip now, Diana...) I lost my wallet...with ALL my saved-up money in it! I wish it could be detected by sonar. *sniffle sniff*"

"I found Carno legs at the pay-to-dig site in Greenhorn Plains ! There are a lot of vivosaurs, but Carno 's at the top of my Totally Cool Vivosaurs list. Now I just need to find a head. I guess that means I'll be going back and paying to dig some more!"

"I was going to go to the Police Station to check on my lost wallet... But I got distracted and wounded up back here. You haven't, uh, seen it or anything, have you?"

"Hey, guess what! I found my wallet! I feel so dumb--it was under my bed all the time. Ha! I know! I can finally go to the pay-to-dig site in Greenhorn Plains. I can't wait!

"What, I blink, and suddenly you're a Master Fighter?! I took all that time looking for my wallet, and you blew past me! But don't think I'm going to give up. I'll catch up to you in no time! Our rivalry is far from over!"

"So have you been digging? I've been hitting the dig sites hard, but all I've been getting are "body" parts. I'm so sick of it! I heard that different parts of the same vivosaur sometimes appear in different dig sites. Basically, you can dig as much as you want, but you have to dig in lots of different places."

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