ディグミッド Digumid

Digadigamid Entrance
The entrance to the Digadigamid


Knotwood Forest (Vivosaur Island)


Fossil Fighters

The Digadigamid (Japanese: ディグミッド Digumid) is an ancient ruin held sacred to the Digadig Tribe, and can only be ventured through in Fossil Fighters. It is where the Hero first meets the BB Bandits and Nevada Montecarlo. Additionally, this is where he finds the first tacky idol. One can find ancient treasure and a giant Ammonite fossil in here, not to mention rare Fossil Rocks. It is situated deep in the woods of the Dig Site Knotwood Forest, just past the Digadig Tribe.


# Image Vivosaur Element
069 Pachy mini medal Pachy Earth Earth Medal
055 Lexo mini medal Lexo Earth Earth Medal


  • The battle scene for the Digadigamid is identical to the one for the BB Base.
  • The Digadigamid appears to be based off a Mayan Temple.
  • Only Fossils of Earth-type affiliation can be found within the Digadigamid.
  • Both Vivosaurs found in the Digadigamid (Lexo and Pachy) are Small Vivosaurs.
    • However, in Champions, Pachy's size was changed from Small to Medium.