Wingin' it
From left to right: Duna, Dynal, Raptin, and a Dinomaton
Japanese: ディノリアン


Debut: Fossil Fighters
Species Characteristics
Origin: Home World Unknown (Destroyed)
Hair Color: Green (Generic)
White (Dynal)
Pink (Duna)
Purple (Raptin)
Eye Color: Yellow
Distinctions: Reptilian tail, markings under the eyes, pointed ears, ability to transform
Leader: Dynal XVI
Known Members: Dynal
Affiliatied Organizations: B.B. Bandits (Paid to find the tacky idols)
Signature Vivosaur: Dinomaton Medal FFC
The Dinaurians are a race of intelligent beings from an unnamed planet. After their home planet was destroyed by Guhnash, they attempted to find another planet to settle. They become heavily involved with the events of Fossil Fighters when the tacky idols are revealed to be of Dinaurian origin.


Dinaurians are easily recognizable by their pointed ears and long, reptilian tails. They typically have light-blue skin and darker blue garments. They also have notable markings underneath their eyes.

In battle, they take the form of various dinosaurs, keeping their coloring after the transformation.

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The Dinaurians are an intelligent species that come from a far away planet. There are three main dinaurians: Duna, Raptin, and King Dynal. They try to devolve all the humans on Earth because they think that humans were a mistake of their attempted Project: Mother Planet. They offered BB Boss Bullwort 10,000,000 G to find the tacky idols (key components to the project). Their home planet was eaten by the planet-eating behemoth, Guhnash.


These quotes are assumed to have been made by the main Dinaurians, Duna, Raptin, and Dynal, but one may not be sure who makes which one.

"We're just going to let them go?"

"Why not just steal the devices from them now? They couldn't stop us."

"I think we need not worry. They still have not found the last one."

"We can simply wait until they are all collected together, then then take them."

"But what about the BB Bandits? We can't count on them anymore."

"Who exactly will we have looking for the last device?"

"I believe we have a solution to that problem already..."


  • The Dinaurians have a reptilian-style appearance. They are most likely based on an idea of what humans would look like if they had evolved from reptiles instead of mammals coupled with typical alien traits.
  • The Dinaurians probably came to Earth when the dinosaurs were alive, and they modeled the Dinomatons after the Therizinosaurus.