Dino Gear FFF

A T-Rex Sue Dino Gear, as shown in Frontier.

A Dino Medal is a small object shaped like a coin which houses the Vivosaur representing it. It allows the Vivosaur to be stored in a small case. Dino Medals are found in both games: the original and Fossil Fighters: Champions, but it is never explained how they work, and how they are made. Dino Medals have pictures of the Vivosaur represented upon them, and will turn into the respective Vivosaur when thrown, and when defeated, a Vivosaur will return to its medal. An exception is Z-Rex, which will come back after two turns if allies remain. All Vivosaurs have Medals.

In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, Dino Gears have exactly the same function as the Dino Medals of the first two games. They are small and lightweight but extremely sturdy coin-shaped capsules designed to be launched out of a Bone Buggy - that said, like in previous games, simply throwing one can summon the Vivosaur the Gear contains. Dino Gears have a picture of the Vivosaur they contain engraved in them and are colored to match the Element of the Vivosaur.

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