FFF Dizzy
Dizziness is a status ailment that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. An afflicted Vivosaur may change into a random stance after using a skill. Dizziness goes away after two turns unless the status is reapplied or cured with an Ailment Cure Support Shot. It can be prevented with an Ailment Block shot.

Vivosaurs with Dizzy Skills

# Image Vivosaur Element
003 Mapo Select Mapo Water Water Medal
017 Spino ST Select Spino ST Neutral Neutral Medal
025 Pachy Select Pachy Earth Earth Medal
033 Stygi Select Stygi Fire Fire Medal
034 Goyo Select Goyo Air Air Medal
041 Titano AR Select Titano AR Neutral Neutral Medal
042 Titano Select Titano Water Water Medal
045 Igua Select Igua Air Air Medal
046 Igua US Select Igua US Fire Fire Medal
073 Edapho Select Edapho Air Air Medal
076 Aero Yutie Select Aero Yutie Air Air Medal
080 Munchsaurus Select Munchsaurus Fire Fire Medal
086 Sauroposeidon Select Sauroposeidon Neutral Neutral Medal