DP (Donation Points) are earned when the player clean a previously cleaned fossil with a lower or equal number of cleaning points than their max for that fossil. They can also be obtained if the player lets KL-33N clean fossils. The second way, however, may fail if he is at max level, because he might clean it better than you and integrate the fossil. And if he is at a low level, he may just plain fail to clean the fossil.

With DP, all four parts of vivosaurs can be bought: Stego (50DP each), F-Raptor (75DP each), Ptera (100DP each), and Compso (200DP each) in Fossil Fighters. These fossil rocks are always red-boned.

Fossil Fighters: Champions

In Fossil Fighters Champions, it is possible to get all four parts (Normal and Dark Fossil Rocks) of vivosaurs: Lambeo (30DP Head, 10DP Others), Spinax (50DP Head, 30DP Others), Daspleto (75DP head, 50DP Others), and Spino (150DP Head, 125DP Others), as well as all four Silver Fossils (200DP each, Wondrous Fossil Rock) and the extemely rare Gold Fossil (2,500DP each, Miraculous Fossil Rock).

The Yellow Mask, Green Mask, Blue Mask, and Pink Mask, can also be bought for 100DP each. If one of these masks is worn, only fossils of the same color will be able to found (Pink is Neutral, as it is mostly white). The Red Mask is received as a gift after one of the Cup matches. DP can also be traded for Battle Point packages which give Battle Points to every vivosaur in the player's active team.