Dorothy is the technical Area Guide stationed in the BB Base. She is the daughter of the true Area Guide, who has bestowed in her his knowledge of the area. She, like all other Area Guides, provides helpful information regarding Vivosaurs indigenous to the area and the dig site itself.

She aspires to be a top-class Fighter when she is older.


"Uhhhhhm, OK... My biggest recommendation is Daspleto. He's my favorite! He's sorta like T-Rex... He's got strong attacks AND really good Defense too! He's strong, cool, and STRONG! Plus, he's rare! But you can find him around here if you look hard!" -Dorothy talking about Daspleto

"Uhhhhhm, OK... I really recommend Delta. He's really cute! And just having him on your team will let you automatically regain FP all through a fight! Cool, right?! He may look sorta wimpy, but trust me...he's not. He's got a counter skill to show anyone who picks on him!" -Dorothy talking about Delta

"Uhhhhhm, OK... I really recommend Coelo and Dilopho. These two are Support-class vivosaurs. They help your friends and hurt your foes! They're small and sort of wimpy, but when they team up, it feels like two or three times the power!" -Dorothy talking about Coelo and Dilopho

"Uhhhhhm, OK... I really recommend Salto! He's the biggest vivosaur in this area. He's also a Long-Range class, so he can attack faraway enemies...and attack them good! You can also put him in the AZ position, since his Defense is so high. I hope you find him!" -Dorothy talking about Salto

"Uhhhhhm, OK... I really recommend Kentro! His spikes are super cool! He's good to have as a sort of protector on your team, and you can use Super Harden on allies! And his Auto Counter ability lets you turn any attack right around and throw some in the enemy's face!" -Dorothy talking about Kentro

"Uhhhhhm, OK... I really recommend Styraco... Oh! And Pelto! These guys have got nice support effects! They're not flashy, but their dependability makes them popular with advanced Fighters." -Dorothy talking about Styraco and Pelto