Dusty Dunes
The Hero entering the site


Cranial Isle


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Dusty Dunes (Japanese: ホットサンドヒル Hot Sand Hill) is a Dig Site located in Cranial Isle past the the farthermost South-Eastern stairs on the right hand side of Mt. Krakanak. The Hero meets Scatterly here for the third time in the storyline upon first arriving. The hero gives Scatterly water and unearths the third and final Caliosteo Slablet.

Vivosaurs found at this Dig Site

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
006 Siamo Medal FFC Siamo* Fire Fire Medal
008 Guan Medal FFC Guan* Fire Fire Medal
013 Venator Medal FFC Venator Earth Earth Medal
014 S-Raptor Medal FFC S-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
018 Acro Medal FFC Acro Earth Earth Medal
050 Amargo Medal FFC Amargo Fire Fire Medal
070 Stygi Medal FFC Stygi Fire Fire Medal
075 Centro Medal FFC Centro* Earth Earth Medal
076 Penta Medal FFC Penta Neutral Neutral Medal
094 Andrarch Medal FFC Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
108 Lagia Medal FFC Lagia Fire Fire Medal
109 E-Raptor Medal FFC E-Raptor* Neutral Neutral Medal
115 Argento Medal FFC Argento* Earth Earth Medal
131 Anan Medal FFC Anan Earth Earth Medal
148 Dikelo Medal FFC Dikelo Fire Fire Medal
(Note: Dusty Dunes will yield Silver Heads when Wondrous Fossil Rocks are excavated.)

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