Dusty Steppes

ドライランド Dry Land

Dusty Steppes FFF


Fossil Park America


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Dusty Steppes (ドライランド Dry Land) is the fifth unlockable Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Frontier and the second unlockable location in Fossil Park America. It is a rocky desert area with small rolling dunes and flowing rivers of sand. The land is too barren to support much vegetation other than sparse scrub and cacti. The area features two Challenge Routes and six Service Stations. The Hero is granted access to Dusty Steppes after the battle with Mei Lian.

Story Significance

Becky is worried about suspicious activity in one of Fossil Park America's Dig Sites, Dusty Steppes, so she tells the player to meet her at the Fossil Park's HQ. When the player arrives, she asks if they could assist her on finding out what is causing the activity, and they both travel to the Dig Site after the player agrees.

At the entrance, Becky explains that a road has somehow become blocked. When they drive to the road, they find out that a boulder is blocking the way. Upon closer inspection, tracks from Bone Buggy tires can be seen around it. Becky suspects that someone must have dropped the boulder onto the road on purpose. The only way to move forward is to break a nearby gate, and Becky does so. The gate leads to a path that is only known to Wardens.

At the end of the path, Becky and the player find Bone Buggies belonging to three BR Thugs who wish to restore the BR Brigade after it was defeated five years ago by Captain Stryker. They also find out that the thugs are at the Dig Site to find the Mega Electrominite fossil. One of them finds the fossil and the other two battle Becky and the player. After the battle, all three BR Brigade members escape.


  • Cactus Rock
  • Demon's Hollow
  • Desert Bridge
  • Dry River Run
  • Kalapasar Tunnel
  • Prisoner's Cave
  • Sandswept Plaza
  • Sand Vegas Way
  • Sundown Clearing
  • The Rubble Pile

Challenge Routes

Dusty Steppes features two Challenge Routes of varying difficulty.

Sand Vegas Way (★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Giganto, Gorgo, Nychus, Angato

Sand Vegas Way is a two-star Challenge Route located in quadrant K10. It is a rocky, looping course with elevated tracks and scattered sand piles. Fossil Eaters will head to one of two different end points: Sand Vegas Square, a large open area just after the excavator, or a higher platform accessed by scaling an incline in the Square. The course begins with a boulder-littered area. Rather than drive off the rock shelves, taking the seemingly longer way is faster because there is no impact to reduce speed. Players can also use large Buggies like the Rock Crusher to destroy the boulders instead of having to weave through them. Driving off the ledge on the left after the boulders is faster than taking the track on the right and eliminates the chance of engaging a Rogue Vivosaur. For Fossil Eaters whose end point is the platform above the Square, players must take the incline on the right once the excavator is passed. Bone Buggies should be driven carefully around the sharp turns to avoid falling off. Fast Buggies or Buggies with off-road capabilities are recommended for completing this course quickly.

Dry River Run (★★★★)

Fossil Eater icon FFF Fossil Eaters: Argento, Igua US, Penta, Pachy

Dry River Run is a four-star Challenge Route located in quadrant G5. It is a parabolic river of sand with a button-operated gate sealing off its dig site. Players must drive around in the sand to reach three buttons on isolated patches of land, avoiding the Rogue Vivosaurs carried by the sand stream. It is much easier to go with the flow of the river than against it, and hugging the inside wall while travelling down it somewhat cancels out the drag created by the sand. Off-road Bone Buggies are recommended for optimal performance in this course.

Rogue Vivosaurs

(Incomplete section)

# Rank Vivosaur Element Location
003 18 Mapo Water Water Medal Around H10 and L10, Demon's Hollow
033 12 Stygi Fire Fire Medal Cactus Rock
037 18 Seidon Water Water Medal The Rubble Pile
040 12 Amargo Fire Fire Medal Kalapasar Tunnel
048 12 Lophus Earth Earth Medal Around H10 and J, Cactus Rock, The Rubble Pile
051 15 Stego Air Air Medal Around H11 and I12
054 15 Ankylo Water Water Medal Around E8 and K8, Sandswept Plaza
059 18 Tricera Water Water Medal Around K6
061 12 Styraco Air Air Medal  Around F8 and J12
071 15 Coatlus Fire Fire Medal Desert Bridge


Dusty Steppes contains fossils of every Element, except Neutral.

Normal Fossils

# Vivosaur Head Skill Normal Head Body Skill Normal Body Arm Skill Normal Arm Leg Skill Normal Leg
003 Mapo H10 I11 G8 J6
004 T-Rex Sue N/A J8 N/A N/A
033 Stygi J5 I10 I10 I8
037 Seidon K9 I10 J9 K9
040 Amargo E8 K9 F8 K7
048 Lophus E8 I7 H6 G6
051 Stego I13 H12 J12 H12
054 Ankylo G11 F11 G12 G8
059 Tricera L7 J9, K12 L7 K12
061 Styraco I5/J5 H5 H8 H5, I5/J5

For each fossil, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the fossil is located. For Vivosaurs whose fossils have slashed coordinates, the fossil in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.


Jewel Coordinates Price Range (50 - 100 pts)
Ruby G6, J8/J9, K7 2,537 G - 5,075 G
Sapphire G6, J8/J9, K7 3,325 G - 6,650 G
Dropping Fossil G6 N/A

For each jewel, a coordinate or coordinates is listed. The coordinate(s) correspond(s) to the quadrant(s) in which the jewel is located. For jewels with slashed coordinates, the jewel in question lies on the border between the two quadrants.