Edward is a male character featured within Fossil Fighters, though it is possible to beat the game without talking to him. He tells the Hero about Medium Vivosaurs, and is found standing near the entrance of the Fossil Stadium. Even though he cannot be battled, he is revealed to be a Fossil Fighter, as he recommends Vivosaurs based on his experiences with them.


You're here to be a Fighter, right? I can tell just by looking. I'm a Fighter too, you know. If you haven't registered to become a Fighter yet, you better do it soon. And here's another bit of advice--Medium-sized are some of easiest to use. They may seem sort of average and boring, but they're well-balanced and effective.

"You! Have you learned to appreciate the efficiency of Medium vivosaurs? Well, you should! They're balanced in attack, defense, and quickness! Unique in that regard, you know."

"Yes! Those are some excellent vivosaurs you've got there! But listen, Medium vivosaurs are by far the most efficient, believe me. Especially U-Raptors! Their poison skill might just make them the best Medium vivosaurs there terms of efficiency."

"Tell me you've seen the light and made Medium vivosaurs the backbone of your strategy! Megalo, for example, has some extremely powerful breath! I defy you to find me a vivosaur that isn't shaken to the core by Null Breath!"

"Let me guess... You started using Medium vivosaurs and now you can't live without them?! Futabi is a Water type with excellent attack capability. If you'v got a fire enemy, you can't go wrong with Futabi on your team."

"Hey, you're a Level 5 Fighter now, ready to really appreciate Medium vivosaurs! I reccomend Pelto. Pelto has the highest defense of any Medium vivosaur and also boosts ally Defense. Yeah, I guess he's pretty much a Defense specialist, but that's not a bad thing."

"There's a rare Medium vivosaur called Megath. It's got confuse and counter skills. Sometimes those two skills mesh reallllly well, if you know what I mean."

"Have you noticed that sometimes you like someone because they're kind of...different? That's how I feel about Angato, a Medium vivosaur with a power poison attack and low Accuracy... Not everyone can apprecaite that kind of uniqueness, but I like it."   

"I don't imagine you made it wall the way to Master Fighter without the aid of Medium vivosaurs, did you? Centro is a medium that takes some getting used to...but is well worth it. He doesn't land a lot of attacks, but when they do land, those attacks are guaranteed critical! Team him up with an Accuracy-boosting vivosaur, and the criticals will come fast and furious!"

"Pssst! You ever seen a Mihu? Mihu's a rare Medium vivosaur, and I REALLY want to get my hands on one! He boasts counter AND knock skills, the Parting Blow ability... How can you NOT want this vivosaur?! I will make my dream into a reality and show that I am a man of action! Mihu will be mine! Oh, yes!"

"I can't imagine what sort of advice I could offer YOU, Master Fighter and world-saving hero! I guess I should just stick with what I know and recommend some Medium vivosaurs. F-Raptors are pretty good, They don't have much LP, but their stats are very well-balanced. Anyway, between world-imperiling disasters, take the time to try out F-Raptor . You'll be glad you did."

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